TERA: The Exiled Realm of Arborea

TERA is an upcoming action MMORPG developed by Bluehole Studio, which was formed by several core members of NCsoft’s Lineage 2 development team. The game recently underwent a 2day-8hour Closed Beta test on 23rd August.

The developers only chose 200 applicants as they wanted to intensively focus on finding the major bugs. From what I read in overseas news, NHN, or Ijji in America, is going to host it. Nothing is confirmed yet though its still a speculation.

Official Korean website 1 : http://www.tera-online.com/
Official Korean website 2 : http://tera.hangame.com/

The game boasts a Unreal 3 engine and realistic fighting, where even the distance between the players and accuracy of hits will affect the damage. Its a WASD game, and plays like RYL/ Return of Warrior (without aiming).

Think real-time combat, you face your enemies to attack, like using the knife in Counterstrike. Blocking and dodging will also be much more realistic, unlike in most MMO where the actions are not shown. Personally, I love the idea. I am really curious why it took so long for a game to mimic and polish RYL’s combat system.

Various videos will only showcase the game with a party of 4, but it will be a game in a persistent world, unlike Guild Wars where every field map is instanced. Even though we have seen a male counterpart for the Castanic race, its not known if other races will have the opposite gender.

Like most current/upcoming MMORPGs, the game will have deep community features, life skills and more. But still, the main features of this game includes the combat system, gorgeous graphics (eat that, Aion, this is F2P), big maps and countless number of mobs. I don’t really mind a grind if its similar to or even better than RYL.

There are 6 races to choose from (I sighted one more in artworks, guess it will be for the future):

Human, Castanic

Popori, Aman

High Elf, Baraka

In addition, there will be 8 classes available:

Warrior, Lancer, Slayer and Berserker

Sorcerer, Priest, Archer and Elementalist

Here are some screenshots to close the post:

Update: Now with HD trailer + gameplay footage ~!!!

For more information about the game, click here:

Official English website: http://www.tera-online.com/main.php