Jade Dynasty 2 – Aerial battle

Here’s an update about a new feature revealed about Jade Dynasty 2 – aerial battle. Seems like MMOs now are suddenly taking a liking to aerial battles, just when Aion is using it as one of it main features. How convenient 😀

According to reports, there will be aerial enabled large scale battles between the races and classes (civil war) , pk, killing aerial mobs and more ~! Just treat it as Aion in an oriental setting and you will get an idea what’s its like. And oh, the characters in JD2 will not have wings, but on their flying mounts instead for the aerial battles.

No screenshot is available now as the game is still in development, but here’s 2 related artworks.

The novel turned MMORPG will also be having its first drama series, due to start shooting soon.

Update: New screenshot as Open Beta closes in.