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Created in August 2009, MMO Culture’s content is managed by me, cinderboy (or Robert), while I “source out” the technical aspects to a couple of my friends. An online gamer since the days of The 4th Coming (T4C), I have always been fascinated by the online gaming industry since.

While bilingual in simplified/ traditional Chinese and English, I source out news from Korean and Japanese websites as well. I have no idea how, but I just know the news which are being posted. It has been an honor talking to various companies from all around the world. I have also worked in a few online gaming publishers and a development studio, with roles ranging from Freelance Journalist to Product Executive to Community Specialist.

With the latest (not all the times) and juiciest news, traffic for MMO Culture has seen tremendous growth, with nearly 400,000 page views and around 150,000 unique visitors each month. For the latest stats, please have a look at the self-created infographic below.

MMO Culture stats 2013

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