Lineage 2 – Death Knight class and auto-farm system announced

NCsoft today announced that a new class, Death Knight, is arriving on 14 August for the Korean server of Lineage 2. There is no actual screenshot nor trailer for the Death Knight right now, but he is said to be a powerhouse tank character with a variety of control spells. Also, burning everyone on the battlefield seems to be his way of resolving conflicts, as seen in the images. Along with the new class, a new server will also be added on the same day. The English server of Lineage 2 is still up and running under NCsoft with frequent updates.

The patch on 14 August will also see an improved character selection screen with updated graphics and user interface. Quite a small change to be touted as one of the main features if you ask us. Other than the Death Knight, the other main new element to us is the auto-farm function. Yes, players can now auto-farm monsters in Lineage 2. Similar to Lineage 1, there is even a mobile app which allows players to monitor their characters’ progress and see gameplay using real-time streaming technology. This is certainly a technological feat!