A3: Still Alive – Mobile version of classic hardcore PK MMORPG revealed

Global mobile gaming giant Netmarble recently announced its full lineup for G-Star 2018 coming next month, and once again the developer has pulled off a surprise for everyone. Other than Blade & Soul: Revolution and Seven Knights II, Netmarble revealed A3: Still Alive, a mobile game based on the classic hardcore PK MMORPG, A3! If you did not know, A3 was known for its merciless open-world PK back in the days, with newbies not spared as well. As far as I remember, there are no penalties for camping out towns to slay newbies.

Currently, we only have a soundless cinematic teaser for A3: Still Alive, with more details due to be announced before G-Star 2018 begins. I am sure that Netmarble will changed the game mechanics, but it will be a tough balancing act to keep both hardcore PK and new players happy. According to the short text preview, A3: Still Alive will feature a last mand standing battle royale mode and “server-wide PK”. Stay tuned for more updates real soon!