Epic7 – Smilegate obtains global publishing rights for new mobile RPG

Smilegate announced today it has obtained the global publishing rights for Epic7, a new 2D mobile RPG currently in development. Created by new studio Super Creative, Epic Seven is scheduled to launch next year in South Korea, North America, Europe, China, and Southeast Asia. You might have read about Epic Seven before, as it was first announced way back in early 2016. Smilegate is the developer behind China’s top online game, CrossFire, and also the driving force behind the upcoming MMORPG epic, Lost Ark.

Epic7 is a turn-based mobile RPG, with a combat system which will be very familiar with most gamers. Artists who drew the 2D characters of Epic7 have also taken part in projects such as Dragon Nest and Magna Carta. Technically, Super Creative claimed that there will be no in-game loading and client patching required. Overall, Epic7 looks really vibrant and attractive, hopefully Smilegate does a great job operating the game.


  1. This looks like a similar game to Dragon Blaze on mobile! I love these animations though. Hopefully, it is unique enough to have a different spin on that style.


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