Warframe – New horror quest and more arrives in Chains of Harrow

[Play free now] Materializing from the smoky darkness, developer Digital Extremes today launches the latest update for the PC version of its flagship sci-fi online action game, Warframe, titled Chains of Harrow. The massive content update introduces Harrow, a menacing new Warframe who wields priest-style powers and offers a terrifying new, lore-based quest which resembles a horror film.


In response to a disturbing transmission, players are sent to investigate a dark, mysteriously abandoned Steel Meridian spacecraft found adrift. Inside the vessel, lights flicker and emergency lights strobe, revealing bodies of dead crew members. All is quiet except for soft echoes. What does it all mean? Players must uncover the terrifying reality of what really happened onboard the spacecraft!

With today’s update, the ever-evolving Free-to-Play game, sporting 30 million registered users and counting, also reveals the start of a planned graphical overhaul beginning with Earth. Dubbed “Earth Remastered,” the newly enhanced Earth, powered by the proprietary Evolution Engine, turns the former planet into a stunningly lush, beautifully lit, organically structured environment.



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