Brawl of Ages – New competitive arena PC title revealed by S2 Games

[Play free now] S2 Games, creators of online competitive games including Heroes of Newerth and Strife, and BNA Studios today revealed Brawl of Ages, a Free-to-Play online multiplayer collectible card arena game that draws inspiration from previous S2 Games titles. Starting today the game is now available to all players as a free-to-play Early Access title for Windows PC, Mac and Linux via Steam.


Brawl of Ages is a real-time competitive game that combines the quick competitiveness and on-the-fly strategy of the Collectible Card Arena genre with the customization and personalization only possible in a PC game. With simple core gameplay that is easy to understand, Brawl of Ages branches out with endless strategic options that rewards players who take the time to focus on skill and timing.


The game actively pits opponents against each other in intense head-to-head matches with a variety of diverse and powerful cards. Featuring stylized characters from previous S2 Games titles, Brawl of Ages does away with restrictive time-gating barriers for such as chest timers and premium-only cards, replacing them with deep customization, manipulatable units and free camera control.

In Brawl of Ages, players build a deck of 10 cards from a broad selection of unique card types. These range from units and spells that attack enemies to various defensive structures. When ready, two opponents are dropped into a real-time battle arena equipped with 20 Mana to summon cards, two lane towers and a main tower divided by water with two lanes leading to their individual bases.

Brawl of Ages’ key features also include:

· Three Distinct Multiplayer Modes

Ladder mode – Compete against other players and work up the season-based ladder standings. Special tournaments and prizes will be set after the initial pre-season for the leaders of the ladder.

Conquest mode – Players must win ten times before three losses to win big prizes, with each victory bringing better prizes. Players get one free Conquest mode entry every 24 hours.

Brawl Club – Players can create and join Clubs of up to 50 players. Here they can communicate with text and voice chat, challenge each other, rank up the Club Ladder and earn additional content.

· Big Brawl Boards

By collecting free spins from playing in Standard or Conquest mode, players can spin the Big Brawl Board, a board with 14 random items to win with each spin. Higher quality boards can be purchased with gems, Brawl of Ages’ premium currency.

· Robust Crafting System

During gameplay, players collect Valor which is used to craft and unlock cards for their decks. Valor can be earned from regular play and the Big Brawls Board