Penta Storm – Netmarble prepares to launch its first mobile MOBA in Korea

After huge successes such as Seven Knights, Lineage: Revolution and various Marvel titles, Netmarble is preparing to launch its first mobile MOBA title on its home turf, Penta Storm. Currently in the pre-register phase, Penta Storm is developed by one of Tencent’s internal studios which developed China’s top grossing mobile MOBA, 王者荣耀. It is also Netmarble’s first live competitive mobile game.


After a quick check, it seems there is already an English version of the game known as Strike of Kings. With over a million downloads now on Google Play, I was pretty impressed since there weren’t much marketing done for the game. Strike of Kings is operated by Singapore-registered Proxima Beta, which is likely to be just a shell company. I wonder if Strike of Kings will be re-launched globally…



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