Transformers Online – New gameplay videos from Closed Beta 3

Officially licensed from Hasbro and crafted using Unreal Engine 4, Transformers Online is an upcoming team shooter exclusive to China under Tencent Games. Since Closed Beta 1, several change have been made to the game, including the skill system, improved graphics, usrer interface and more. Closed Beta 3 started last week, and I decided to dive back in for some awesome Transformers action.

As you might have notice, the dev team over at Tencent Games get their “inspiration” from other titles such as League of Legends (the Spark system = Rune system) and Overwatch (a number of skills) which I covered in my Closed Beta 1 post. The bots are lacking personalities and there is no storyline in the current game version, but I shall return to judge only when Transformers Online launches.