Gulong Heroes – Martial arts mobile game launches in select SEA countries

Gulong Heroes is a new mobile game which recently launched in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. If you did not know, Gulong is one of the most famous martial arts novelist in Asia, just behind Louis Cha. He has created various classic characters, including Chu Liuxiang (楚留香), Lu Xiaofeng (陆小凤), and Xiaoli Feidao (小李飞刀) among others. The game literally pays tribute to them.


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Gulong Heroes is not a deep RPG game, but it is quite interesting to power through the game like an animated novel with the auto-attack mode. I noticed the intrusion of some characters from Louis Cha’s novels, hence the story might not be as authentic as the title makes it out to be. The translation and voices might not be of a high standard, but Gulong Heroes is certainly good enough to kill time with.