Skyforge – Ascension update arrives in sci-fi fantasy online game

[Play free now] Developer Allods Team and global publisher today launched Ascension, a massive expansion for its popular sci-fi MMORPG, Skyforge. Based on more than a year of player data and community feedback, the Allods Team has worked on revisiting existing systems and implementing new features to expand Skyforge and improve the overall gaming experience.


A new and formidable enemy is approaching Aelion: Tol-Monter, the leader of the Oceanid army! Despite losing some power of his army, this set-back has only made him more dangerous and unpredictable. Deceitfully seizing the throne of his home by launching a thousand-year civil war for nothing other than control, the great god of the water army does not stop at anything!



    • Do you say this because of the talent removal?
      Me personally I do not like it’s removal (they could have kept it and at the same time made it so that you could still unlock lasses easier).
      I also do not like the fact that I cannot recruit followers, personally this was my favorite part of the game.

      • Looks like links got filteres but check the EU forums, topic names are: “Worth coming back?” and “Ascension – yes or no?” you’ll see what i mean there.

    • They have made a lot easier for new players to play the game which is the whole point of this update and they switched the concept after getting the divine form, from focusing on atlas completion to advance in divine abilities and unlock specializations which makes more sense. before the update it was awful and terrible how much you grind especially for people who had almost unlimited amount of limits but now they have removed it which is another good thing. there are downs but in overall this update is the best happened to this game. however, they brought back the p2w alient event again which what pisses me off a lot but whatever, I enjoy the game more than before.

      • GIANT BS.
        Now with their “ascension” it will be far worse for new players than it ever was before. You’re stupid if you think this update made anything easier for anyone. Removed limits? HA no, they simply replaced old limits with new limits. GOD, people like you are SO dumb it’s painful to watch.

        • Wow kid calm the fuck down faggot. First of all what new limits ? there are no limits in the game anymore you idiot. second of all there has to be grinding but now instead of grinding 3 colors of sparks plus class spark and also transformation sparks you only need to farm credits and knowledge and they are both extremely easier than before. not to mention divine deeds instead of divine sparks are easier to farm with the reduction of faith in battles. the progression via bastions instead and cathedral instead of the terrible temple and chapels, I yet to know what are you complaining about. or it seems you’re just a fucking rage kid who has no idea about anything. get the fuck out kid

          • Pfft i won’t waste time on a blind moron.
            But i’ll tell you that i know everything there is to know about this game for i was watching it even before it had CBT.
            If you want confirmation of your own stupidity go and check the topic i mentioned on eu forums, there you will see 10 pages full of people who ain’t as dumb as you are telling you same thing i did.

            • Hahah you’re such a fucktard faggot LOL please learn how to start and end arguments. you haven’t presented a single point yet towards your thought about the update and you telling me you know everything about the game. btw I’ve already posted in that thread, all of the idiots there are p2w players complaining about how their money was wasted but guess what I’m a free player so I could care the least.

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