Final Fantasy XI Reboot – Nexon shows off first images of mobile RPG

Following the reveal of Project A1 at the annual Nexon Developers Conference in South Korea, the staff at Nexon once again took the stage yesterday and revealed the first game images for Final Fantasy XI Reboot. A collaboration project with Square Enix, Final Fantasy XI Reboot is a mobile RPG which is crafted by Nexon using Unreal Engine 4 and set for launch worldwide in the future.

The game was not “officially” revealed per say, as it was simply used as the example during one of the development talks. After several testings by Nexon, Final Fantasy XI Reboot will utilize a client-based server system where game data is stored efficiently and affected less by weak internet connections. As a mobile MMORPG, the current party system holds 3 characters. Stay tuned for updates!


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