Bless – Developer teases Closed Beta 3 and major game improvements

Since Closed Beta 2 ended in South Korea, Neowiz Bless Studio, the developer of Bless, kept rather quiet about the game’s progress. Recently, a developer article was posted, assuring gamers Bless is still being improved behind the scenes, and the team is working “day and night” to make changes according to feedback from Closed Beta 2. The article also promised news for Closed Beta 3 “soon”.

Bless - August 2015 image 1

One of the changes is the number of quests. According to feedback, there were too many (useless) quests, and many quests were not connected properly. The team has slimmed down the number of quests, made sure the quests chain together, allowing players to level up faster. A new secondary map will be introduced, with guides on which direction and the distance the quest points are.

Bless - August 2015 image 2

Another major change is about combat. Update: According to new reports, all classes will be able to choose between non-target and tab-target modes, which will be available for testing in Closed Beta 3. Players will be able to try these 2 modes out in both PVE and PVP maps.

Bless - August 2015 image 3

A whole list of changes and new features will be added, including PVE and PVP, monster difficulty, guild systems, politics systems, dungeons, and more. For Closed Beta 3, the level cap will be 45. More details will be revealed when Closed Beta 3 and Open Beta is nearer. Neowiz, the parent company of Neowiz Bless Studio, seems to be betting real big on this Unreal Engine 3 game, hope it succeeds!

Bless - August 2015 image 4