Tencent – Game highlights from annual UP press conference

Yesterday, Tencent held its annual press conference, covering several entertainment businesses including comics (or manga), movies, TV shows and of course, games. The biggest IT company in China earned USD 4 billion in profits for 2014, and it is not slowing down any time soon. Tencent presented several games, including Naruto Mobile and Master X Master, and here are some of the rest.

Tencent Games UP 2015 photo


English gamers should know about this 3D MOBA which is gaining massive popularity in the Western markets. SMITE will enter the Non-Wipe (means no more data wipe) test phase on 23 April. Tencent Games also revealed it will be publishing the Xbox One version in China, launching later this year.


2. Monster Hunter Online

Developed using CryEngine and exclusive for China, Monster Hunter Online will enter the “Awakening” Closed Beta phase on 21 April. The exclusive monster is known as the Star Dragon, which is designed with Chinese elements. Tencent also grabbed the publishing rights for a Monster Hunter web game.


3. Call of Duty Online

In Open Beta now, Call of Duty will get new updates, including a new playable character, a new melee Katana weapon, new PVE campaign mode map, and finally, a new skill combo known as “Fearless”. Tencent also announced two tournaments, one for casual players and another for more veteran ones.


4. Drakensang Online

The Diablo-like web browser game has found its way to China, and on the booming Tencent platform no less. Developer Bigpoint has certainly struck gold, given that Tencent seldom publish games which are of a certain age overseas (other than competitive ones). Will be interesting to see how it performs.


5. Moonlight Blade

Another game crafted using CryEngine by an internal studio (150-man strong), Moonlight Blade is a martial arts classic which will enter Non-Wipe (means no more data wipe) test phase on 28 May. Having gone through around two years of closed testing with groups of players (me included), it was mentioned that there are 150,000 testers thus far. The new Five Poison Sect will be added as well.


6. The Brave Adventurers

I loosely translated the game’s title as there is no official one. Developed by one of Tencent’s internal studios, this is one of the first steps the company is taking to create its own IP. The Brave Adventurers will have a PC client version, a mobile version (already launched), a TV console version, along with a cartoon series and novel. In the games, players explore various ancient ruins and… shoot things.