Hearthstone – Blizzard trademarks possible game expansion title

According to several internet postings, Blizzard Entertainment has filed trademarks for 2 interesting names, “Eye of Azshara” and “Overwatch”. With BlizzCon 2014 arriving this coming week, speculations point to either a Hearthstone or World of Warcraft expansion due to Azshara’s ties with the lore.

Blizzard Entertainment trademarks

It might be near impossible for Blizzard Entertainment to announce it as an expansion for World of Warcraft, seeing that Warlords of Draenor has yet to launch. Hearthstone seems fitting, as “Eye of Azshara” will act as the second expansion for the game, right after July’s Curse of Naxxramas.

Blizzard Entertainment  - Eye of Azshara trademark

The “Overwatch” trademark seems a little different, as it does not encompass any software in the filing, but rather just printed matter such as strategy guides, comics and graphic novels. Is Blizzard creating a new brand to distribute and expand the company’s merchandising empire? We shall see.

Blizzard Entertainment  - Overwatch trademark