Wolfknights – First developer blog talks more about the game

First announced last year, Wolfknights is currently being developed by IMC Games, also known as the makers of Granado Espada and Tree of Savior. A full 3D MMORPG crafted using the in-house engine, Wolfknights is quite similar to a massive-scale MOBA featuring 3 teams. Read on for more info!


Q. I notice there are some changes on the characters.

A. ‘Fighter’ is added on the information page. There will be lots of different classes of characters in Wolfknights. A player can only create one character initially, but there is no limit on which class of character you can create.

The number of characters that we have developed so far is eight which includes Fighter, Defender, Fire Elementalist, Ice Elementalist, Templar, Musketeer, Gladiator and Blood Mage.

Wolfknights - Playable classes

Q. What kind of attributes does each character have?

A. Since this game is based on large scale battles, there is a limit on the number of skills that a character can use. Each character will be able to use two or three specialized skills which will portray each character’s attributes.

We believe that a team’s composition and strategy depending on different circumstances on battlefield are more important than one player’s skillful controls.

Wolfknights - Skill screenshot 1

Q. I heard there are some changes to the game systems revealed earlier.

A. We do not develop Wolfknights by planning all the features and the components inside the game in advance. Instead, we try lots of different features and components that we feel interesting and fun and share our different feedback within our development team.

Through such process, the game system is slowly improving. We said that the game is a MMORPG which can be enjoyed for 2 hours, but as the game system slowly changed the last 6 months, the play time has been reduced and the focus on the game has been changed from RPG adventure to team vs team matches.

Wolfknights - Town screenshot

Q. Can you explain team vs team matches more in details?

A. The game plays similar to ‘Capture the Flag’ in a MMORPG siege warfare system. We believe that ‘Capture the Flag’ is the most appropriate system to be applied in Wolfknights since more people can participate in a match compared with typical 5 vs 5 matches that can be found in some of the other games.

Also we wanted see the outcome of the matches on the pre-determined time. We have at least one match per day inside our development team, and we have seen many matches where win or loss turned around in the last minute or even in the last 10 seconds.

Therefore, we felt tension up to the last moment in the game. This is why there are 3 realms that are competing each other in a match instead of 2.

Wolfknights - Capture the Flag

Q. How many players can participate in a match? What are the rules for deciding win or loss?

A. The first season which is called ‘Battle of Lothian Sanctum’, there will be 30 players in each realm so total of 90 players can play at the same time. In each realm, there will be six sub-units which are comprised of five players.

So when the game starts, there will be total of 18 different parties (6 sub-units x three realms) which start at the different locations. They will fight each other and they will also meet their allies as they move inside the map.

Wolfknights - PvP map

Q. Okay. So that was the explanation for seasons. Then what do players do when they don’t play seasons?

A. Players are mercenaries that reside in a mercenary village called ‘Winterweiler’. The village acts as a ‘lobby’ and players will be able to book for seasons, purchase account specific items, and meet other players.

After each season, when all the results get accumulated, players will receive some account specific game money based on their level of contribution. With the game money, they will be able to buy characters’ costumes or Runes that will increase characters’ passive stats.

Wolfknights - PvP combat screenshot

Runes will not disappear even when a season is over so they will exist permanently in an account. The effect of Runes will not be great if you don’t have many of them, but as you gradually collect these, you will find out that they are effective.

There will be also other contents available at the village such as additional character creation slots, modifications on character appearances and etc. Right now, we have some costumes and 20 types of Runes for our test purposes. Seen below is the English version which we are working on.

Wolfknights - English screenshot

We are also focusing on the statistics regarding players’ gameplay. Players will be able to view their records (the number of wins, losses, and etc), recent records, and their results on different characters that they have. They can compare other players’ rankings with their own.

Wolfknights - Personal record