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Published on May 1st, 2014 | by cinderboy


Dark Eden 2 – The eternal war with Vampires continues in sequel

Although the vampire-themed World of Darkness got cancelled, over in Korea, Softon Entertainment recently revealed its new vampire MMORPG, Dark Eden 2. The sequel to the 1997 classic, the eternal war between the Slayers (Humans) and the Vampires continues, leaving out the Ousters race this time.


Dark Eden 2 takes place 200 years after the original, in a modern world setting. The intense PvP wars still remains, while a new mechanic known as the “vampire mutation” will certainly delight fans. When a Slayer gets bitten, he or she will turn into a Vampire if not treated within an amount of time.

Dark Eden 2 screenshot 1

The sequel will also have upgraded graphics, motion effects, and of course more unannounced features. Mentioned by the development studio, Softon Entertainment, the first technical test (or alpha phase) will begin sometime in September. I am guessing we will see more of Dark Eden 2 soon.

Dark Eden 2 screenshot 2

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  3. Hobbes says:

    Seems pretty interesting, but jeeze I hope the camera doesn’t shake that much in the game. Enough to give a person a headache.

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