Final Fantasy XIV – China server preparing for debut test phase

The official website for Final Fantasy XIV China got a brand new look recently, signalling that the upcoming debut test phase is near with a couple of beta key reservation events. The website, though looking clean, has several link issues, something which I expect from the publisher, Shanda Games.

Final Fantasy XIV China website

I am not sure why Square Enix chose Shanda Games as the publisher, since it is perhaps the worst company in the top 5 list. Utilizing the P2P business model as well, I can’t help but to relate to the swift failure of RIFT China. While competitors like Perfect World, Changyou and Tencent Games are reaping the profits of F2P, it seems Shanda is willing to be crowned as the unwanted  “King of P2P” in China.

Update: Some English websites are claiming a Free-to-Play model is possible, but please note that Shanda has already announced a Pay-to-Play model (hourly, daily, monthly) last October. Jesus, stop using my articles and counter my info. I am sure I read Chinese well (being a Chinese myself).


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