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Published on January 8th, 2014 | by cinderboy


Aura Kingdom – Glorious Envoy item packs looking for Open Beta owners

Aeria Games, the publisher of Aura Kingdom, has kindly given MMO Culture 2,000 item packs to be given out to all players! Developed by Taiwanese studio X-Legend, Aura Kingdom is perhaps the first blockbuster Free-to-Play game to hit the English market. What are you waiting for?!

No keys left! Sorry.

1. Go to

2. Login to your Aeria Games account

3. Enter your key in the box and click ‘Redeem’

4. Only 1 gift pack is allowed for each account!

5. Download the client and start playing if you haven’t!


Known as the Glorious Envoy Package, opening this will give players the following awesome items:

1. Silverflash Tiger (3 Day Duration): This mount provides you with +45% move speed when mounted!

2. [5] Megaphone (NT): Use to broadcast a message to all players on the same server!

3. [5] Lucky Card (NT): Increases loot drop rate by 10% for 30 mins. Using an additional card will add another 30 mins to the timer!

4. [5] Warp Portal Card (NT): Use to open a Warp Portal!

Aura Kingdom - Costumes

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