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Published on January 7th, 2014 | by cinderboy


ArcheAge – New game information for upcoming version 1.0 content update

As announced last month, ArcheAge Korea will be heading to version 1.0 very soon. The level cap will increase from 50 to 55, and there will apparently be revamped stats such as Healing, Strike rate (parry, dodge etc), Flexibility (critical) and Combat Expertise (for PvP).


Of course, the above new stats are to allow players to create more diverse builds. With that, a new PvP gladiator arena will be introduced as well.

Featuring 1 vs 1 combat, it seems the win will go to the player who gets 2 kills, or destroy opponent’s crystal 2 times. Certain items will be banned from this arena to ensure fairness.

ArcheAge 1.0 - Gladiator Arena 1 ArcheAge 1.0 - Gladiator Arena 2

Lastly, the new Library dungeon will drop recipes and materials for crafting the new armors and weapons. I am not really sure if the whole item drops as a boss drop, but they still look awesome nonetheless.


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