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Legend of the Condor Heroes: Zero – Trailers for 3rd class and features

Just to recap, Legend of the Condor Heroes: Zero is the first 3D action MMORPG under development by Perfect World over at China. The 3rd class, Bai Zhang (or Hundred Staff), was revealed recently as part of the Shaolin clan. The other 2 classes can be viewed here.


Bai Zhang’s staff allows players to have a slightly larger attack distance, and its AOE damage is another of her main attack features as well. This class will also pack 2 crowd control status within her skills, stun and slow. Seems like the perfect melee nuke character.

Condor Zero screenshot

In case you are wondering, there is a section of Shaolin which does not have to shave. But the female part… Ok, let’s talk about the 2 new features trailer. First up, each class will have over 60 skills, and only a lmimted amount which can be placed in the skill slots.


With different skills combined, a single class can have several customized “modes”, such as heavy damage, speed damage, grappling effects and more. I am not sure if this warrants a “revolution” tag, but I guess it is something worth marketing.

Legend of the Condor Heroes Zero skill tree

Finally, there is the “dynamic” instance dungeons. As previewed before, the bosses in Zero can be taken down part by part, and most of them are really, really big… The other highlight will be the large instanced maps, interactive environment etc. The new test phase is scheduled for next month.


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