Legend of the Condor Heroes: Zero – New trailer on fluid animations

Since ChinaJoy 2013, there have been little to no news about Legend of the Condor Heroes: Zero, Perfect World China’s flagship title for 2014. Last week, a new trailer detailing the self-developed ARK Engine was posted, highlighting the “dynamic fluid” found in the game itself.


Of course, the trailer was used to tout how awesome Zero’s water graphics look, including changes relating to time of the day and movements. A 2nd video was made public as well, a music video taken by in-game assets. As usual, any possible English server will take around a year after the China one launches.



  1. Am I crazy or is Perfect World always off when they do their characters? It’s like the worlds they create are beautiful and then the character models all look like poop.

  2. I don’t know about everyone else, but the first thing I turn off in a PW game is the water effects. They always tax the system regardless of how far you are from water.

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