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ElForest – East Interactive reveals new title inspired by Journey to the West

Founded by a group of developers who used to work on Dragonica/ DragonSaga, East Interactive recently revealed its first online title, ElForest. The game takes the majority of its references and design based on Journey to the West, in particular the card transformation system.


In order to allow players to play as different roles and characters, cards can be collected and players can use them to transform into the characters found. However, this only applies to Boss Cards dropped from bosses and after enhancing them to “God level”.

ElForest card system

Players who transformed into these monsters will see additional story and lore content from its point of view. For the other normal monster card drops, they can be equipped to gain bonus stats and upgraded/ enhanced as well. The card system is not just all about boosting performance…

ElForest screenshot

For example, if a player has equipped a “Blacksmith” card, he or she will be able to further enhance equipments, while only players with the appropriate guild cards may form a guild. Guild leaders will therefore need to forgo equipping powerful stats-boosting cards to lead a guild.

ElForest art book

Another main feature is the option to toggle between traditional point-and-click combat and the newer non-target action combat. ElForest is scheduled to enter Closed Beta only at the end of next year.

ElForest artwork

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Sorta looks generic besides the card function, and I’m thinking Peria Chronicles is already doing that and has more features. I guess I know which one I’ll be playing 🙂

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