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Published on September 12th, 2013 | by cinderboy


Age of Wushu – Sneak preview for upcoming Winter content update

[Game website] Winter of 2013 is on the way, prepare yourselves for the invading new additions to Age of Wushu. Coveted new Scripts to master, Instances hidden within your own School, Ultimate Power, and of course the strength of Marriage are coming soon.

Age of Wushu screenshot

Secret Scripts

The Sunflower Manual and Star Vortex scripts once hurled the world of Jianghu into chaos, and have arisen again to finish the job. Wushu Masters will be put to the truest of tests as they attempt to learn and try to master these treasured scripts.

Age of Wushu - Winter 2013 update screenshot 1

School Instances

Every school has a dark side. That dark side is opening and ready to challenge you. The gates to the forbidden grounds have opened at YOUR School’s Scene. Take on these obstacles for glory, power, and a chance at something truly Ultimate…

Age of Wushu - Winter 2013 update screenshot 2 Age of Wushu - Winter 2013 update screenshot 3

Ultimate Scrolls

The pinnacle of your School’s teachings have revealed themselves to you at last. Do you dare for glory and lead your school to new heights with this Final Inner Skill? Slice a path through other schools on your way to domination.

Age of Wushu - Winter 2013 update screenshot 4

Marriage System

Celebrate the union of Masters on a different level, not just their combat skills. Engage in romance and announce your love for another Master with a festival filled with fireworks, dancing, and more. Invite friends to join in on the experience, but watch out for the uninvited crasher attempting to ruin your big day.

Age of Wushu - Winter 2013 update screenshot 5

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