Fantasy Frontier – First impression of the new online title Part 1

I started playing Fantasy Frontier during this past weekend on a casual basis, and I really enjoyed the smooth gameplay. Heck, I have already spent 50 bucks on the cash shop! So, without further a due, Part 1 of my first impression. Please note that information and names will change when localized.


Character creation

A really standard procedure if you have played other games by X-Legend, such as Spirit Tales or Grand Fantasia. There are no specific class names, although players will have to choose their primary weapon. The 2nd weapon slot opens up at level 40, more on that later.


Core Spirits

Players will have to choose their basic Core Spirits as well, which acts as battle pets. Core Spirits are really useful with their automated skills and buffs, without the need to feed or… wash them like a Digimon. Some are better in attacks, some in defense and so on.

Core Spirit - Adam Core Spirit - Bellaross Core Spirit - Eve Core Spirit - Furnace Dragon

There are several ways to upgrade them (for you to find out), and rare items can be obtained by participating in some Core-Spirit related functions. There are many others to collect along the way, and thus far none are sold in the cash shop.

Core Spirits

Character costumes

Just a note, armor pieces do not form the look of characters (no actual 3D models), as an overall costume does the job. Costumes can be gotten from quests or from randomized boxes from the cash shop. These costumes only gives very basic stats boost, nothing at all thus far which will bring in-balance.

Update: Just to note, some cash costumes can be bought from NPC vendors as well. I have yet to see any costumes drop from bosses.

Character progression – Stats

Stats are separated in to 2 categories, attack (critical damage, basic damage etc) and defense (dodge, HP, defense etc). If I remember correctly, players will only get to add defense stats after level 10. Each level brings 1 point to attack category and 1 point to defense category, where players must choose carefully which stats to add to.

Character stats

During certain levels, extra stats or skill points are given at certain points, such as 50% or 75% etc. Really awesome feature, although some may see it as nothing special.

Experience bar

Character progression – Skills

This is the really tough part, there seems like too much information to type. Players automatically learn new skills at certain levels. These skills can be upgraded in a few ways, such as special skill stones inserted into weapons and armor pieces or upgraded with a passive in another skill tab (something similar to Diablo III’s skill system).

There is another window for passives, which works like a progression chart. I am not sure how to explain this, but players start from the middle, and at certain levels only, get points to move in whichever passive skill direction they want (below). To add on, if players want to play with 2 weapons for late game, it is better not top pick passives which specializes in certain weapons.

Passive skills chart

Character progression – Secondary weapon

At level 40, players gain access to their 2nd weapon slot after completing a quest. Some weapon combinations may open up new skills, others will not, as it will be told to players in a window. It is important to pick the right 2nd weapon, as the most expensive item now in the cash shop is the scroll to change the 2nd weapon to another…

Character progression – Equipment upgrading

Weapons and armor pieces can be upgraded using stones or inserting skill enhancement stones in them. It is not just upgrading with stones to gain an extra level, but rather stones are used to fill up the gears’ progression bar before hitting the next level.  All armor pieces thus far are part of set items, with bonuses of course.

Equpment upgrading

Cash shop

The cash shop now is selling powerful weapons and armor packages which can be used up to around level 40. I did not buy any and manage to get to level 40 with relative ease. Players should not be too worried, but for those who want to feel very powerful at lower levels, feel free to spend 🙂

There are no mounts or costumes for sale thus far, with certain unique costumes only found in the dreaded randomized boxes. Money sink, they call it… I wonder how the costume look like… *Takes out wallet*…

Update: No stats or skills reset scrolls in the cash shop as both can be done using in-game gold. The amount required scales up as players level.

To be continued

I will continue with more information about the game in Part 2, especially about combat and how leveling is, along with some other pretty nice features. Till then stay tuned! And yes, that is how female characters look without a costume, despite wearing having full armor pieces…

No costume