EverQuest Next – SOE reveals successor to classic franchise

[Game website] Over at SOE Live, the developer just revealed EverQuest Next, the 3rd MMORPG in the classic EverQuest franchise. With a history starting way back in 1999, hopes were high for this sand-box title. And holy cow, the game concepts and first look really impressed.


There are still many features which players will probably like to see, such as aerial stuff, underwater stuff, naval battles (from ArcheAge and Aion etc), but looking at how EverQuest Next is developed, I am guessing it is just down to the features fitting the lore.


I am not sure if I should type anything since most features were mentioned, but I must highlight something which wasn’t announced, but shown in the final part of the presentation. While it looks certainly like non-target action combat, hopefully it will not be changed for launch…