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Published on August 6th, 2013 | by cinderboy


Age of Wushu – Trailers for all 6 new factions as expansion nears

[Register now] With the major content update heading towards the China server in less than 2 days, all 6 new factions for Age of Wushu can be seen below. These 6 factions all have rather harsh and weird entry requirements, with some having multiple ways as well.


The Taiwan server will be getting the content update at the same time as well, while the North American server will just be 1 expansion behind. Other than the 6 new factions, some of the major new stuff include changing weather, day/ night systems where gameplay will be affected.


Update: I almost forgot about the new school-less/ faction-less option. Players may now opt to remain totally neutral, while still learning new skills and going through their own storyline. Pretty awesome stuff!


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6 Responses to Age of Wushu – Trailers for all 6 new factions as expansion nears

  1. Yingzi Zhen says:


    I really love this article and I love Age of Wulin too! I am currently testing new expansion (demo I guess) on Taiwanese version and I can say it is really amazing. New story, new sects and so much improvements! It seems you can play sect-less (probably these factions too) without leaving a school. For now, it seems weather and day/nigh cycle features aren’t running on Taiwanese version (it should be opened on August 8th), but I really love NPC’s with lanterns. Developers also added some voice to players NPC’s and NPC’s. I’m not sure if joining a faction is so hard or ithey are not released yet.

    Again, thanks for sharing this information,

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