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Published on June 29th, 2013 | by cinderboy

Total Recall Online – Game gets butchered by China developer

First announced several years ago, Total Recall Online seems like a good idea, with settings based off the original 1990 movie. Developed by a pretty lousy China developer, the game never made it in time for the 2012 reboot movie’s premier.


Fast forward till now, the developer has changed, although to yet another below-par China studio called UCJOY. Total Recall Online is now a web browser game, with the developer boasting awesome, stunning 3D graphics.

Total Recall Online screenshot Total Recall Online screenshot

Perhaps the developer should really look at how well Unity 3D is doing for web games, and heck even CryEngine 3 is on browser now. Why the heck Hollywood is selling IPs to China developers to make games, I have no bloody clue. Hopefully, Total Recall Online remains exclusive for China.

Total Recall Online screenshot Total Recall Online screenshot

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