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Fantasy Frontier – From the makers of Spirit Tales and Grand Fantasia

X-Legend is perhaps the only premier MMO developer in Taiwan, with games such as Finding Neverland Online (or Eden Eternal), Spirit Tales and Grand Fantasia all being exported worldwide. The developer has just announced its new title, Fantasy Frontier.


In development for the past 3 years, Fantasy Frontier will retain the anime-ish design style found in its predecessors, with the main feature being something known as “Core Spirit”. Core Spirits comes in all sorts of forms, and they are modeled after gods and mythical beings found in tales all over the world.

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These gods include Hercules (Greece), Ifrit (Islam), and even Valkyrie (Northen Europe). Of course, this list will go on and on… Each Core Spirits have their unique moves, such as combat support, becoming mounts for mounted combat, giving boosts etc.

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X-Legend is emphasizing that Core Spirits will not just be another pet system, as there is sort of an artificial AI system built into each Core Spirit, recording the adventures they had with players and thus forming different personalities.

Players will also see a dual-weapon system, with 1 character being able to switch between melee and ranged weapons during combat. Players may also form combinations such as a staff with a magic book, each providing different spells.

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It is said that there will be many free costumes given in the game as well, although deeper details are not available now. What I do know is that these costumes are not restricted, and any class will be able to wear them.

There are tons of other features briefly mentioned, but I will post more when concrete details are available.

Fantasy Frontier image

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