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Dragon Nest – Japan server announces new Assassin class

I am really surprised the Korean server did not announce this first, since the Japanese publisher, NHN Japan, is a competitor in Korea. No matter, as promised earlier, the Assassin class is a male character.


The class tree for the Assassin class reads: Assassin —-> Chaser —> Raven or Ripper, and I expect 1 to be physical oriented, while the other based on magic damage. Specializing in close combat, burst damage and stealth, the weapons available are scimitar and crook, as seen below.

Dragon Nest Japan update Dragon Nest Japan update Dragon Nest Japan update

The 2 new NPCs below are related to the new Assassin class storyline, so expect to meet them often.

Dragon Nest Japan update Dragon Nest Japan update

NHN Japan also announced that the level cap will increase to 80 come early 2014, with new content and “purpose” as well. I suppose it means the brand new storyline, which was mentioned in my previous post.

Dragon Nest Japan update

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