ArcheAge – New Free-to-Play business model announced starting July

Starting from 3rd July, ArcheAge Korea will be converting to a Free-to-Play model! This confirms the rumour first posted last month. As such, XLGAMES will be stopping sales of the current time cards, which consists of hourly, monthly, and 90 days.

ArcheAge Korea - F2P model

So how will ArcheAge be earning revenue? There will be 2 new premium packages, 30 and 90 days. Players who purchase this will gain a couple of in-game advantages, such as ability to own a house/ garden, faster labour points recovery, vouchers to exchange for items and some buffs.

ArchAge housing system

The 30 days package is priced at KRW 19,800 (USD 17.50) while the 90 days package at KRW 47,500 (USD 42.00). Current subscribers will also be compensated. Last but not least, there will be chargeable functions such as character name change, aesthetic changes and server transfer coming in the future.



  1. Hopefully those prices don’t translate to the U.S. if it ends up being F2P here… Standard pricing model in the N.A. for monthly bonuses (aka subscriptions) is $15.

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