MapleStory – Game gears up for major RED summer update

[More information] Holding MapleStory’s 10th anniversary celebrations yesterday, Nexon revealed that the game will be getting a massive summer update, named as RED. It actually stands for Revolution, Evolution and Delight.


Some of the major highlights include:

1. Adventurer classes getting a total overhaul/ remake/ balancing.

2. Reinforced account security system.

3. Free users and users who spend cash will have equal fun, with greater rewards for character progression.

4. New PvP mode where players can become boss monsters.

5. Auction house!

6. Mobile function directly linked to MapleStory game, not much details yet.

7. New hunting grounds and maps. Of course, new monsters and gears as well. Spadow is guessing that it will be the Masteria continent, where demons originate.

8. World merge area, and I guess it will be maps where players from different servers can get together, like a cross-realm PvE thing.

9. New boss fight, where there will be 100 players against 1 giant boss monster!

MapleStory Summer RED update

No new class was announced at the festival, although it was discovered that new job IDs were found in the latest Korean test client folders. More information to be made available soon!


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