ArcheAge – New trailer as countdown to debut test begins

With less than a week to go before ArcheAge China enters its first test phase, a new trailer briefly introducing the game has emerged.


With the activation keys so exclusive and limited, prices of 1 key is currently trading at 990 CNY, around 160 USD on the black market. And yes, there are people buying. Just a quick snippet, ArcheAge China has over 3 million localized words (including repeats) in the game.

ArcheAge China activation key price


      • How is the combat outdated? It’s tab targetting… That’s what most MMOs and MMORPGs are in the market. I’m going to assume you’re one of those people who call every game outdated if it doesn’t have action combat even though a lot of players don’t even like action combat games.

        You can’t call a game outdated because it has tab targetting. Action combat isn’t the “future.” It’s just a different option. It’s all about preferences and has nothing to do with the advancement of the genre.

          • Saying “you’re wrong, I can” doesn’t prove your point at all. And sense, like I already said, most of the population prefers tab targeting (hence the reason why there are more tab target MMOs even though the technology for action combat MMOs has existed for quite a long time), you probably won’t ever be seeing action combat overtake the genre.

            • Could you play with the tab targeting on a solo rpg ? i dont think so .. this is how you need to think, why tab-targeting ?
              I think, since we play with hundred of players, we need to be differentiated by our real skills not by who has the best macro or best mmo/mouse-keyboard

              Personaly i can’t stand this genre of gamplay .. action with real free-aiming is the future !!

              Not the fake action like in Neverwinter, Blade&Soul or Dragon’s prophet ..

              For PVPing real action gameplay beat any genre of gameplay

              • Please just settle with TERA where the “skills” are measured by the number of stars and the elitist attitudes are rampant there. Every Action combat enthusiast seems to lve in a bubble where every game must have the same combat but honestly? Not every MMO player needs their skills defined. A lot of people enjoy the tab targeting just fine. And until an action game comes out where the grind isn’t literally painful to sit through it’s going to be around for a little while more.

      • The game’s combat mechanics may not be very innovative, but its sandbox elements are not something you see in every other MMORPG, thus not outdated.

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