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Age of Wushu – New couple skill set introduced and info on new faction

More updates have either arrived or coming to the China server, and here is a small update. Note that I will not be covering every new content. Simply known as the Couple Blade (the Chinese name is much more elegant,  “鸳鸯双刀”. While mentioned as a couple skill set, the news releases have yet to mention how it is utilized as a couple…

Age of Wushu - Couple Blade

For what its worth, the Couple Blade skill set will be activated once a certain amount of rage has been accumulated, which will activate 1 of 2 modes. The first “light” mode will see skills which has more crowd control elements, while the “heavy” mode will see skills which deal more direct damage.

Age of Wushu - Couple Blade

I am guessing 1 of the modes will be for the female character, while the other for the male character. In other news, it has been announced that the  to enter the new upcoming faction, Palace of Moving Flowers, will not be made public by the team, requiring players to find out the “high” requirements themselves.

Age of Wushu - Couple Blade

The team did leaked a little information, hinting that the quest needed to start the whole thing will be part of a random encounters, or miracle quests. This means that players initially will not know where or how to start the quest even if the content has been added.

Age of Wushu - Palace of Moving Flowers

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Wen Du

what a terrible freaking idea, then again the game sucks.

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