Naruto Online – Official turn-based browser game revealed

The reveal of Naruto Online being a turn-based browser game might disappoint gamers, but then again it is the first licensed Naruto game to go online.


Naruto Online will feature the Five Great Shinobi Countries as the available factions: Konohagakure, Kumogakure, Kirigakure, Sunagakure and Iwagakure.

Naruto Online - Five Great Shinobi Countries

The game’s main storyline will start right from the manga’s very beginning, which will progress along the main storyline. From what I see, players are not able to create their own characters, but rather choose from a few starting ones and recruit more along the way.


Every character has his or her own specialty skills and stats,  with Naruto high on health points and with skills such as Shadow Clone Jutsu and Rasengan.

Naruto Online


  1. OMG this looks awful… and to think pockie ninja was closed due to copyright issues and this is whats gonna replace it?? LOL look terrible. This browser game wont even make it 1 year LOL

  2. the character animations are even worse then what pockie ninja had. Neji moves weird not mentioning shikamaru, the shadow jutsu is just awefull.

  3. …kinda sad about this, not gonna crap on it though. I hope in the future we get a full fledged Naruto MMO, might be hard to pull off though and there’d be a very thin line between it being very good and not so much.

  4. this is a good example of what not to do.
    1.- buy lots of rights.
    2.- anunce a real mmorpg based experience.
    3.- Make such a awful game like this and ruin the next projects.

    I really was hoping the game to be the real experience, desing my own character and choose a clan, village and the real way of ninja.

  5. That to me is not an MMORPG naruto …

    I imagined a huge world based on the anime and you could create your ninja and continue building your story in the game with other players! That surely would be very very very good!

    Many people to this day in this world waiting for an MMORPG naruto anime!

    That would be amazing and I’m waiting for a Naruto MMORPG that is the truth!

  6. An official licensed naruto game which is soo much worse than those without licensed?!?!?!?
    Come on!
    Why did they issue a license to them?! Did they see the other naruto games? Those game might not have licensed but they were really good!
    they should work together with them and get them a license! And maybe when those game have a license, their event wont be as costly as now 🙂

    guys u might want to try google 火影传说.

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