ArcheAge – Jake Song hints at possible F2P business model

Attending the recent awards ceremony in China, the founder of XLGAMES and ArcheAge candidly talked about the business model ArcheAge China may use.

Jake Song

He said that Free-to-Play is a possibility as the business model suits China better. Of course, nothing is confirmed at this moment. The debut test phase for the China server will begin from 22nd May till 31st May.


ArcheAge Korea is holding a Free-to-Play event from 17th April till 31st May, with no time card needed. However, several social and life functions will require stamina points, which can be recharged by purchasing a consumable cash item.

ArcheAge Korea - F2P event


  1. I do NOT want this to happen in the NA! I would HATE it if ArcheAge was free to play over here because of items like “stamina pots.” No thank you!

  2. Yes this looks like the best business model for the current status of China but still I don’t belive to it cuz if something like this happens almost everyone will play in Chinese servers you 🙁 Now you will say no no Chinese servers are in Chinese high ping etc. but doesn’t matter ppls can translate it to English easyly high ping but free 2 play always wins.
    And the news about the business model looks like true cuz in one of the biggest fan forums is written same thing i hope this isn’t true.

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