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TERA – Game finally goes to China after years of speculation

When a big budget game launches in Korea, the natural feeling amongst industry veterans would be the title will be China-bound next. This thought process can be understood, since China is now the biggest online gaming market in the world. However, TERA took a different route, and the China server is perhaps the final region to be announced.

TERA China - Signing ceremony

The publisher will be Kunlun Games, or Kalends, which is an up and coming publisher and also starting its own development unit. Kunlun’s most recent games include Spirit Tales and the revival of Ragnarok Online 1. The company also has a North America portal, Koram Games, though its Western presence is still weak.

TERA screenshot

Back in 2010, developer Bluehole Studio stated that it doesn’t have enough staff to localize TERA’s content for the China market. 3 years down the road, this beauty (still the best graphics in my opinion) will finally hit full circle, after launching in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, North America and Europe.

TERA screenshot

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They already have B&S, why do they need TERA :j

Layu Korsem

It is market opportunity, China is the biggest market anyway ..

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