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Published on March 27th, 2013 | by cinderboy


RIFT Korea – Game closure finally announced

I added in the word “finally” as I saw the word “doom” written all over the game once RIFT was revealed to retain its monthly subscription model in South Korea.

Published by CJ E&M, under the Netmarble portal, RIFT Korea will officially close down on 25th April 2013, with refunds given back to subscribers from 17th April onwards and web shop closing on 28th March.

RIFT Korea - Closure announcement

RIFT was much lauded by the Korean press and the publisher at launch, but subsequently, big local titles such as Blade & Soul and Diablo III eroded the hype fairly quickly. CJ E&M tried hard to salvage the situation, including several campaigns, but to no avail.

RIFT Korea - Closure announcement

RIFT China entered Open Beta earlier this month as well, with much fanfare around the whole Americanized-campaign. I am not really sure if the game will last, since publisher Shanda Games just renewed the license for another P2P title, Aion China.

RIFT screenshot

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