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Swordsman Online – First beta test phase finally announced

After being delayed for around a year due to upgrading the game’s engine, Perfect World’s Swordsman Online is finally set to enter its first beta phase on 20th March 2013, lasting just a week.

Swordsman Online first beta phase

To celebrate this milestone, players in this test phase will be able to collect points (unclear) via leveling up, completing quests, dungeons, PvP arena and more. Players with the highest number will then be rewarded with prizes during Open Beta.


Swordsman Online has tons of features which stay true to classic Asian martial arts movies and dramas, such as qinggong, attacking traders or protecting them, assassinate targets at night, disguise as a commoner to avoid detection, miracle quests, ultimate pugilist skills and more.

Swordsman Online screenshot Swordsman Online screenshot Swordsman Online screenshot

Combat will not be the classic Perfect World “stand and attack” template, with players needing to have an acute sense of direction, dodging, activating stances etc. While not a full action combat system like Dragon Nest’s, players can look forward to attacking targets while on the move.

Swordsman Online screenshot Swordsman Online screenshot Swordsman Online screenshot

It is not going to be easy getting a beta key, and I am sure I will not be able to get one. Hopefully, my contacts there will somehow “steal” a code for me… T___T

Swordsman Online screenshot Swordsman Online screenshot Swordsman Online screenshot

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Roberto Tomás

this looks really well done for how low-res the textures are.. almost want


I have a really hard time getting behind Perfect World because they are very out of touch when it comes to pricing in their cash shops. I mean $40 for some mounts? Hopefully with their newer games they have reasonable cash shops.

See Kuan Yeun

I have the account do i need to apply for the close beta?


Yes, I have repeated that many, many, many, many times.

Khy Ly

can u help me to create one account of this game?

Khy Ly

Can you help me to create new account of “Swordman online game”?


Cool game i really wanna play it

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