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Published on February 1st, 2013 | by cinderboy


Mercenary Online – Exclusive gift packs up for grabs

[Game website] Yes, it is time for another gift code event! This is Mercenary Online, a free-to-play 3rd person shooter crafted using Unreal Engine 3. Also known as Mercenary Ops, I played the China server before and it rocked wih the many PvE and PvP modes. This is also the first English server, with the promised North America one still in limbo.


 The giveaway has ended! Thanks for participating!

The gift pack includes:

EXP Boost (3 pieces)
Gold Boost (3 pieces)
Zombie M16A2 (7 days)
Assault XM8 (7 days)

1. Register an account for Mercenary Online here.

2. Download the game client here, and install.

3. Enter Mercenary Online, and create your character if you are new to the game.

4. Select any server and channel and click Enter Channel button at the bottom of the screen.

5. At the lobby screen, click the “Promo Code” found on top of the screen, beside your Character’s Name Card.

Mercenary Online code instruction

6. Input the promo code you received then click “OK”.

7. Successful codes will prompt you with the Code Exchanged Message. Close the message.

8. Click the Message icon found at the top of your screen, beside your character’s Name Card.

9. Open the mail and click on the Attached Item. Click “collect”.

10. Check inventory and equip items.

Mercenary Online code instruction

Mercenary Online features several different modes, such as my favorite zombie one, where players have to survive waves of zombies climbing out from windows. The interesting part is, players can mend the window grilles and delay the zombies before they destroy it again. There are many more PvE and PvP maps for players to explore!


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18 Responses to Mercenary Online – Exclusive gift packs up for grabs

  1. Tempura says:

    Can this game match against Warface?

  2. Hi,Cinder!
    Any info about EU Server?This game is awesome,but my ping on PH is 400+,it’s completely unplayable.
    I’m searching on my own,this game supposed to launch in NA\EU back in summer 2012,but no one knows what happened.The site is dead,and facebook page not updated for 6+ months.

  3. juban says:

    eerrr the promo code is invalid X_X

  4. juban says:

    I cant seem to find u in facebook can redirect me to ur page pls..this mercenary online is PH right? as the links were directed to

  5. How Can I GEt Some Promo COde?

  6. John Joseph says:

    promo code is wrong please try again

    i already repeat many times


  8. can i get one too? all codes are already used. Please update thanks in advance

  9. where can I find the code sir pls answer ty

  10. all promo codes are in

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