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Published on February 26th, 2013 | by cinderboy


Lost Saga – Character List 7

We are now at Part 7 of the list! Starting way back in 2009, Lost Saga has indeed come a long way, with fans from North America, Indonesia and more enjoying viewing the various heroes’ attacks in Flash format. This list will see heroes 91 to 100, so stay tuned for more additions!


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Your average online gamer who is bilingual in Chinese and English, although he does try to play Japanese and Korean games sometimes. Online gaming since 1999, and has worked in the online gaming and mobile gaming industry (Journalist, Game Master, Community Manager, Operations Manager) since 2008.

54 Responses to Lost Saga – Character List 7

  1. WOW!!! It’s really amazing…I want to wait this Heroes, because I have the Succubus Helmet and Succubus Armour… INCREDIBLE!!! GM please…give me this Heroes, however just 10 hours. Please GM please…?

    This is my nickname of ILS

    ( IHIWIPsycho1st )

  2. this is not a indonesian lost saga
    this is korean lost saga
    i have one KLS account

  3. its is very cool fantastic:D

  4. can developer create matador?


  6. Faqih Doc says:

    Nih gw koment!!

  7. Rin Okumura says:

    wow, that’s amazing hero, can you create a Black Rock Shooter hero ?


  9. TRINITY is heroes from blazblue

  10. Tara Soni LS says:

    Trinity is not so cool.
    Why did the GM made her as a premium hero?
    Did you thing so?

  11. this is a place not for BOCAH!!!!

    • Tara Soni LS says:

      Sorry.gw bukan bocah.gw dah SMP.,
      Nick name (lSadStoryl)
      Pankat 1LT kls 4.Level skill CPT kls 3.

      • Ryan Vivaldi says:

        gw bocah msh 5 sd tpi bocah gk kyk yg bocah warnet gitu dikit dikit GM cacad dikit dikit GM cadet
        klo gw sih terima apa yg terjadi misal di ilokin cacad woles aja justru klo dbales ujung ujungnya pasti juga apa u tawuran gini gitu dan DSB
        pangkat:MSG kls 1 skill MSG kls 4

  12. Look’s like Korean Moderator just getting addicted by BlazBlue Series.

    Hope they’re update Hakumen too….

    Nice one!

  13. Tara Soni LS says:

    Have you ever seen Sasuke in LOST SAGA???
    I have the picture of that.
    Male and female character.

  14. hmm .. I want Axl Low of Guility Gear for next update. we need a lot of Guility Gear character for balancing Premium Heroes.

  15. Hwarang ? hmm that costume looks more like a Korean Prince than a Warlord :v

  16. I want the characters of Tales of Symphonia was on Lost Saga. They’re very cool :v

  17. hwarang is character from dynasty warrior right????

    • no, hwarang isn’t from Dynasty Warrior. character from Dynasty Warrior in Lost Saga is Tao Warrior, Zhao Yun, and Zhuge Liang. that’s only i know :/

  18. zombies96 says:

    can i request Hero for KLS ..

    The Punisher ?

    Undead ?

    Sweet thooth ?

  19. Windrunner = Running Back Reform ?? hohoho 😀

  20. eko agus says:

    GM KLS when MAGIC LANCER Update in indonesia, so i hope MAGIC LANCER soon in indonesia

  21. Indonesian hero who Gatotkaca is updated throughout lost saga came from Indonesia “Very Good”

  22. Jeez Many American Boy Like To Say idiot or something ya American were the Idiot too. lu bodoh america gk isa ngomong Bahasa indonesia cups american lame

    • Gatotkaca says:


      American use english as their first language

      and english is an international language

      and this forum or whatever (peace :D) is international forum

      i don’t even believe you would understand this

    • @Cleofigo : lu kalo gk bisa ngomong bahasa inggris gak usah bacot, BOCAH.
      lagian mana bisa orang Amrik ngomong bahasa Indonesia ?? HELLO ?? lo kalo bodoh jangan terlalu mencolok bisa gak sih ?? 😛

      note : orang Amrik is a slang from Orang Amerika, it means American. 🙂

  23. Gatotkaca says:

    So LostSaga will update more mercenary until they reached 100 ?

    and maybe there’s LostSaga 2 ?

    I wonder what it looks like XD *extra super duper imagination mode on*

  24. Tendo Souji says:

    how about a new character from guilty crown 😀

  25. wow tuh yang rare

  26. Tolong hero rare di update di Indonesia ya kakak 🙂

  27. Kalau bisa hero rare di update lagi di Indonesia 🙂

  28. @ Azis : bener tuh klo bsa di tambah lagi hero rarenya .
    Mudah-mudahan lebih banyak lagi hero rarenya .

  29. Aditia Arfan says:

    Windrunner bukannya game yang di LINE ya?
    hahaha keren! style-nya mirip banget!!

  30. How to make KLS? Please share to me brother 🙁

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