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Published on January 26th, 2013 | by cinderboy


Mystic Fighter – New 2D action game takes on Dungeon & Fighter

Well, it is not exactly new to be honest. First announced in early 2011 as H2: Heroes Horizon, the game was then renamed Core Fight, and now, it is finally ready for launch as Mystic Fighter.


Developed by Dadam Game and to be publish in Korea by CJ E&M, the game is being marketed as having the authentic old school arcade games’ feel, even more than Dungeon & Fighter. Mystic Fighter is currently scheduled for release sometime in Q3 in Korea.


The game has a myriad of maps and landscaped available, including several QTE (quick time events) which is not found in most 2D online side-scroller titles. Mystic Fighter will have 3 classes initially, with the 4th (Mage) still in development.

The 3 classes now are tentatively known as Vampire, Swordsman (female only though) and AR (Armored Frontier) according to the Korean website.


Tencent Games also announced getting the rights for the China server at the announcement event at Korea. This is a very interesting piece of business, since Tencent is also publishing Dungeon & Fighter in the country, with it being 1 of the most popular games under its wings.

Seeing that Tencent has around 8 online shooters with very similar themes, I guess this is just natural for Tencent to continue to dominate all MMO genres.


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  2. nz nz says:

    You actually get to see a bit of the Mage class during the 1st CB, back when it was still called H2…
    I believe he’s in the gameplay vids I recorded.

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