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Published on January 7th, 2013 | by cinderboy


ArcheAge – P2P subscription model confirmed

XLGAMES finally announced the business model for ArcheAge Korea earlier today, which is the anticipated P2P subscription model. The time cards will go on sale on 11th January 2013, and below are the prices and types available.

90 days of game time – 47,500 Korean Won (USD 44.64)
30 days of game time – 19,800 Korean Won (USD 18.60)
30 hours of game time – 9,900 Korean Won (USD 9.30)
3 hours of game time – 3,000 Korea Won (USD 2.82)

The 30 days rate is similarly priced as NCsoft’s Aion, while cheaper than Blade & Soul. An additional cash shop is expected to be added soon. ArcheAge is going P2P on 16th January 2013, with new continents, dungeons and more being added.

ArcheAge DVD client sales

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7 Responses to ArcheAge – P2P subscription model confirmed

  1. Still looking forward to this game!
    Would be interesting to see a payment model by game time in the West/global scale

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  4. One question… it is game time? exactly Ingame time??

    So if i buy 30 day gametime, only just count the time ingame?

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  6. junavatar says:

    Interesting how they didn’t focus on the battle features. My guess is that they wanted to show more that the world really breathes.

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