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Closers: Dimension Conflict – New anime action MMO revealed

Yes, another anime MMORPG! Not to be mistaken with Soul Worker or even Project NT, this is Closers: Dimension Conflict, developed by debuting studio, Naddic Games. It is an anime action side-scroller, which can clearly be seen in the 2 videos in this post :)


Closers basically revolves around the government-sanctioned organization “Union”, a group of high school students with special powers (also known as team Black Lambs).


They are tasked to defend the planet from invading aliens, which somehow are able to land here via dimensional portals. Since the team’s job is to close the portals, hence they are known as “Closers”.

There are 4 character classes, which can be seen below. Just in case you are wondering, the lady in blue is the coordinator NPC, who will be a prominent figure in the game. Just to add, PvP elements are being developed, since the game is still around 1 year from its initial test phase.

Closers: Dimensional Conflict character Closers: Dimensional Conflict character Closers: Dimensional Conflict character Closers: Dimensional Conflict character

A couple of real life locations are ported into the game, including the Gangnam Subway Station, now famous after the hit song by PSY. Naddic Games is intending to launch Closed Beta later next year, with an official launch for 2014 and around 20 dungeons planned. That is the same timing as Project NT and even Soul Worker! 2014 will be an interesting year for anime-style online games :)

Naddic Games Naddic Games Naddic Games Naddic Games Naddic Games Naddic Games

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The striker class looks like Squall from Final Fantasy VIII

Lee ru da

the art style looks like japanese anime; … ; and Gangnam Station is actually a fairly crowded place.

Jean Hawks

woah….game style looks pretty good. i like crossover from old 2D and effectnasty sidescrollaction. music is pretty. hope to see it soon and play it.

keep your infos hot as a pancake cinder. thank you ^^

Wade Labeach

Denokres are you blind…looks nothing like him :p
Anyway looks pretty cool, interesting and looks fun

Kisaragi Shintaro

more like kirito from SAO to me :/

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