ArcheAge – Game client download begins with full cinematic trailer

With ArcheAge Korea finally set for Open Beta on 2nd January 2013, the road to that fated date began earlier today, with the game client now available for download. Perhaps the most anticipated MMORPG in Korea now, developer XLGAMES is apparently still in talks for an English server, with only the China and Japan servers confirmed.

Since most of us will not be having a Korean mobile number to authenticate an account, I guess we can only face the long wait…


Update 1: A couple of short preview trailers were uploaded for some of the game features (not all), and I have compiled them into 1 single video below. Enjoy!


Update 2: Even more game trailers as ArcheAge approaches Open Beta. The trailers below are mor eof a game guide, displaying the many features found in the massive game. including the jail and jury system, tracking player thieves who stole from players’ farms, ship building and more!



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