RIFT China – Protesters claiming unpaid wages

While RIFT celebrates its mega expansion in North America, the game is not doing too well in Asia, first Korea and now China. According to today’s local news, the 3rd party group which translated the game claimed publisher Shanda Games of owing them nearly CNY 460,000 (USD 73,770.80) in unpaid wages.

This is the 2nd time the group has protested outside of Shanda Games’ office building, having done so as well last week. Shanda Games has not given an official reply thus far, with “insiders” claiming different versions of what actually happened.

RIFT China just held a small test phase last month, and it is preparing to enter Closed Beta 1 come 12th December. The Pay-to-Play model is utilized, although it is expected to have more options such as hourly-based payment compared to the West.

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