Perfect World – Preparing its first 2 foreign games in China

Perfect World Beijing, or Wanmei, all along has only publish its self-developed client online titles on its platform in China. But with the tastes of gamers greatly widen these days, the North America subsidiary was the first to begin importing Korean games and publish English-developed titles such as Star Trek Online (TBC) after the buyout of Cryptic Studios.

The headquarters over at Beijing, China, is not different, as it prepares for the first time, to publish 2 foreign games, both from North America.

Neverwinter China

These 2 are none other than Neverwinter and Valve’s Dota 2. Neverwinter was a given, since Perfect World essentially owns the game, but what is surprising is the fact Perfect World managed to beat out tough competition to land Dota 2.

In all honesty, only Tencent has experience in proper eSports planning, with the rest of the pack yet to fully immerse in this category.

Perfect World is still developing games such as Swordsman Online and Saint Seiya Online, and I can see the company finally diversifying into a broader spectrum to keep up with times, which is a very good thing to catch up with the competition.



  1. Swordsman Online would probably be PW’s best bet. The thing about games like LOL and DOTA is that they arent pay to win to generate revenue. Its the equalized competitive nature that keeps them popular. Not any specific “whoa, impressive” factor. Level caps and gear caps are pretty easy to grind through. So players mostly get attached to the equalized pvp.

    If PW can produce a game with that kind of philosophy, players may feel less jaded.

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