Cabal II: The Neoforce Era – New slides reveals basic game content

Cabal II: The Neoforce Era will be going into Open Beta in Korea tomorrow, and earlier today some slides from developer ESTsoft revealed some of the game content which will be implemented, including field maps and instanced dungeons.

Cabal 2 - Game contentCabal 2 - Game content


According to a representative from ESTsoft, Cabal II will also see a new “Battle Mission” mode, which is developed using the concept of MOBA, arguably the most popular genre these days with League of Legends and Dota 2. No further information on this mode was given.

Cabal 2 - Game contentCabal 2 - Game content

Cabal II will also feature several social features, such as cross-server auction and a spectator mode for dungeons, where players can learn how skilled veterans clear them. There is currently no ETA for this feature. ESTsoft is also planning to have 3 big content updates per year for the game.


Initially planned to build the game and engine together, ESTsoft settled on CryEngine 3. Still, this did not shorted the development time as it still took around 7 years thus far to launch.



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