Torchlight II – Bugged player recieves loot from company president

I am currently playing Torchlight II now, and I must say I am enjoying TONS of fun with the game. Yes, not as big budget as its richer cousin and without the fancy cinematic, but hey, I don’t care as long as I have fun my own way without being told how to by the developers. I just say this being posted online, showing a conversation between a player who has a bugged stash and the developer’s president, Travis Baldree.

How cool is that? According to the player involved, he got a pretty nice claw included in the stash. Ok, not really that impressive given that mods will be coming out soon, but hey, at least Runic Games bothered to do something other than a plain “we will be fixing it”. Yeah, tons of similar replies will most probably flood into their mailbox, but still a plus point for trying!

Torchlight II is currently on a roll in Metacritic, garnering many positive reviews from the press, and most importantly, from the gamers themselves. The game is not without its flaw, but for USD 19.99 and free mods in the near future, it is perhaps the most value for money game released this year.

I uploaded a couple of game videos just a few hours ago, and I am currently at level 80. While queuing for World Vs World in Guild Wars 2, Torchlight II is a really good alternate game to spend time on. In fact, I have been playing more Torchlight II since launch!


  1. Maybe they can transfer their game to PW servers and staff. I know they transferred Cryptic games over to PW servers. Assuming there are too many concurrent users, they can start kicking people off.

    Im not sure how PW operates their servers. But I remember when PWI crashed once when they gave out free horns. And people started spamming world chat with endless messages about each other’s moms. Not only did PWI crash, but it crashed all of their games.

    So it appears that all PW games share bandwidth with each other somehow.

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